Weekend Roady To Meet Baby Tayla!

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My friend Krystie, gave birth to her little baby girl, Tayla Jade Robinson about 6 weeks ago!


Unfortunately Krystie lives in Taupo – about a 5 hour drive away, so we have not been able to meet her yet! So last weekend, the Jeeves and I went to visit. Since I was still suffering from a head cold, we decided to leave Saturday morning, stay just the one night and then drive back the following day. Because I was a snuffling mess, I allowed myself to commit a cardinal sin – I wore ugg boots out of the house,  and for the whole trip. You can’t take the hutt out of the girl.

Kylie and I are not what you would call clucky. We have not had much hands on experience with babies, so when we arrived we were very stand-offish! Being a pharmacist, I see babies mostly when they are sick or after their vaccinations. So yeah… not so warm and fuzzy!

Tayla, to me, was like a land mine. I didn’t know how to approach her without feeling like I would set her off. However, before I had any time to think, Hoani (Tayla’s Dad) plonked her in my arms, and just like that – it was love. She is as cute as a button! Krystie had her dressed in the cutest wee outfits and it was impossible not to fall under her charm.


Tayla did a lot of…



and eating…


and sleeping…



And then she would smile, and it would melt your heart.


By the end of the weekend, we felt like pros…


… well at least we weren’t scared of her anymore!

I cannot wait to visit again 🙂


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Snaphappy foodie who is obsessed with travel. Currently living in London, originally from New Zealand.

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