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At the beginning of the month I visited Christchurch. Here are a few pictures of my weekend away.  I haven’t been down to Christchurch for a few years so it was really great to see all the rebuilding that has taken place since the 2011 earthquakes.

There were still road cones lining the streets, and a lot of buildings still being demolished, but in amongst the destruction there was a lot of beauty. There were large murals on the side of buildings, where perhaps old buildings had once stood and new Regent St was picture perfect with pastel shops on either side of the path where the tram was running.





On Saturday we went to the Christchurch Farmers Market. The buzz of the markets made me so excited. I was in foodie heaven. There was everything you could want; cake stands, gourmet breads and doughnuts, gelato, bacon butties, fresh juices, dumplings. My recommendations would be Cakes by Anna and Green Roots Organics – Delish.






On Sunday we ventured to what seemed an untouched part of Christchurch, Govenor’s Bay. 40 minutes out of town you come across a picturesque bay, with the most stunning views. We stopped in at Govenor’s Bay Hotel and enjoyed a cold drink.






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Snaphappy foodie who is obsessed with travel. Currently living in London, originally from New Zealand.

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  1. Judy Alexander says

    Hi Kat,

    First of all I love reading your blog and get inspired by your love of food…. to such an extent I made your Roasted Sticky Chili Salmon. Well to be honest here my first attempt was not worthy of a photo and the lesson I learnt was don’t try and think I know better than Kat. I tried to cook the salmon in a pan and not in the oven as Kat’s had instructed…. no I thought I would take a short cut which didn’t work as the maple syrup, very easily burnt and i mean really easily in fact I had to scrap off the black bits before I could serve it. But not to be defeated I thought I would try again and this time follow Kat’s recommendations , the result was very yummy. Thanks Kat keep the recipes coming.

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